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A Simple and Often Overlooked Way to Have Your Most Creative Thoughts Come to Light

January 31, 2018

I have heard so many good things about meditation, and know that there are all kinds of tools, apps, and other things to help beginners through guided and active forms of meditation, but to be completely honest, I haven’t been overly open to the idea in the past! If I am going to get honest with you guys, the idea of intentionally meditating intimidates the hell out of me! The closest I’ve come to intentionally trying to meditate is at the end of a yoga class during Shavasana- and rather than letting my mind embrace and be open to the thoughts that the yoga instructor is guiding me through, my mind quickly leaves the state it is supposed to be guided to and busily starts racing through my big to-do list and all of the things I could be accomplishing, rather than lying there.

What if I told you that meditation can happen so much more easily, subconsciously rather, with no effort at all? Well it can. Apologies in advance if the following isn’t news to you at all – but it was a recent ‘Ah ha!’ moment for me. Now that I have recognized and named it for myself, I have found it to have a profound impact, and so I’ve felt the desire to share.

I’ve found that my best creative thoughts come to me when my body is busy accomplishing a mindless task – it is then that my mind has the opportunity to be open to allowing creative and positive thoughts and ideas come into it.

For me, I find this most consistently happening when I am vacuuming, doing dishes, folding laundry, or taking a shower (just this morning, taking a shower, is when I came up with the idea for this post, as a matter of fact!). Who would have thought that these were forms of meditation? Try it (without trying it – if that makes any sense) – I challenge you! Take notice of how your mind will subconsciously start forming creative ideas, thoughts, and possibly even solutions to problems triggered by challenges or events you’ve been faced earlier in the day or week. Ask yourself, what am I thinking about right now? Why am I thinking about it? What importance does it hold?

The key is to not forget these awesome thoughts and ideas and instead take the opportunity to jot them down when they are fresh in your mind and before you forget – even if quickly, in short, and unorganized point form notes on paper or in your phone – wherever is convenient really! Then, when you have an opportunity, take the time to come back to these notes and begin to flesh them out and organize them.

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