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Stiefeld Cowhide Boots Q & A

February 25, 2019
  • What toe styles of Stiefeld cowhide booties do you offer? Do they fit true to size?
    • There are several toe styles offered for the cowhide ankle bootie: round, square (regular and a wider Texas), and snip. Round toe fits true to size whereas all the other toe styles fit ½ size bigger than their labelled size.
    • In addition to different toe styles, there are also different boot styles, including: ankle booties, short shaft cowboy boots, and tall shaft cowboy boots.
  • I want a pair of Stiefeld boots but am not in love with the hide colours available and/or my desired toe style is not currently available in my size on your website.
    • Keep in mind that while we will do our very best to find you a pair that you love and is as close as possible to what you have in mind, due to the nature of genuine cowhide, there can be large variations between hides and pairs of boots. It is almost impossible, except for solid hides, to find 2 pairs that are exactly alike. This is definitely the beauty and challenge of dealing with cowhide (how amazing is it that your pair of boots will essentially be one of a kind!?!)! If we do not have what you are looking for, please send Tara an email at with a description of what you are looking for (fits like size, and desired toe style and hide colour) and she will gladly put you on her list and notify you when pair(s) come available that may be of interest to you.
  • What can I wear / style my cowhide ankle booties with?
    • Anything you can think of! Stiefeld cowhide booties look phenomenal with jeans (show them off with cropped jeans or skinnies, they also look great with trouser jeans or flares), skirts, shorts, dresses – you name it! They are sure to make a statement and turn heads. Don’t be afraid to wear them with other patterns! Own and rock your style. “The only fashion faux pas is to look in the mirror and not see yourself” [Iris Aphel] You do you!
  • How do I know what size boot to select?
    • To optimize the opportunity of matching you with the perfect boot, we always recommend that you take a measurement of BOTH of your feet in cm from heel (against a wall) to the end of your big toe as accurately as possible, rounding up to the nearest ½ cm. Keep in mind that most people have one foot that is bigger than the other, so do this on BOTH feed and use the biggest measurement. You will then use this cm measurement to determine your US fits like size on the following chart:

      cm to US Stiefeld boot size conversion chart
    • Note that because snip and square toe fit 1/2 bigger than their labelled size, for clarity we label them on our website with both their labelled and fits like size (e.g. 8 fits like 8.5).
  • If I select the wrong size and they don’t fit, can I return them?
    • To ensure you end up with a pair of boots that fit you well and that you love, Cold Cactus is pleased to offer an exchange or store credit policy, as long as the boots are returned within 14 days of purchase in new condition. Please contact us for approval before sending back. But again, we are here to help – if you have ANY questions AT ALL, please feel free to email us at, call us at 613-340-7277, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram and we’d be more than happy to help you try to get the sizing right the first time!
  • Are cowhide boots difficult to maintain? Do they wear well?
    • These high quality, durable boots will last you for many years with very low maintenance! Cowhide is natural very durable and stain resistant. As a real life example of their durability, the following is a photo of my personal 2-year old pair which have been worn VERY regularly and in many not so ideal environments (mud, dusty rodeos, snow, etc). The white hide is still white, there is zero hair loss, and they are in like-new condition with the exception of very normal wear on the soles! Impressive, eh?
  • How do I care for my cowhide boots?
    • When you receive your new boots, you can protect the stitching by applying a normal leather shoe protectant.
    • If your boots get dusty or dirty, you can use a soft bristle brush and gently brush WITH the hair. You may also use low pressure air to blow the dust off, ensuring you are blowing with and not against the hair.
    • In the event your boots come into contact with liquids, food, mud etc and they require further cleaning, you can use a damp cloth (and if needed, a gentle, neutral soap) and wipe in the direction of the hide and then let air dry. Avoid rubbing too much. Do not put in the washer or dryer.
    • While we do not recommend turning your beautiful hair-on boots into barn boots any time soon, here is a before and after example of how well a pair of new Stiefelds cleaned up after they met a muddy cow pasture during a recent Cold Cactus product shoot:
      After photoshoot, before cleaning

      After gently washing with soft bristle brush, gentle neutral soap, and drying
  • We didn’t answer your question in this Q & A blog post? Send us an email, message, or give us a call and we’d love to try and answer your question(s)!

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