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More [blank], Less [blank] – Get Off Your Phone and Experience Your Experience

March 28, 2019

Its been a spell since I last wrote a blog post. You know how you get caught up in what seems to be more time sensitive and important in the moment, get stuck in a rut or a slump, or become distracted (aka Netflix, our phones, and other technology), and put off the things that are important and matter to you? Well, that’s been me lately. I have been stuck in state of hibernation and distraction this winter. I’ve had a few things sitting heavy on my heart lately that I’ve been thinking about (such as the aforementioned fact that I’ve been less productive, and more distracted than I want to be), and it felt important to me that I took the time away from the day to day busyness and apparent priorities and got back to writing what is on my mind.

Keep in mind, that I am not an expert by any means on the subjects I will be writing about. On the contrary, I have been thinking about them, reading and learning about them, and will be writing about them to improve on these subjects myself. By putting them out there for others to read, I can hopefully add value to and help someone else.

And so, without further ado, I am starting off a series of blog posts with what I’ve appropriately titled “More [blank], Less [blank] – Get Off Your Phone and Experience Your Experience”

We are all going to fill in these blanks differently.

I’ve spent much time thinking about all the things I want to do and seemingly never find time for, and where this time is going to come from. For me, the MORE includes things like getting back to crafting and being more creative, riding my horse more, spending more time reading and working on self growth, and playing and spending more quality time with the kids, plus keeping my house in better order (phew, that sounds like a lot Tara!)]. The LESS, when it really comes down to what I can afford to cut out is mindless and unproductive time spent on my phone. Did you know that iPhone’s now give you a detailed breakdown of the amount of time you spend on your phone in a day? Take a look at that number, which is scary for many of us.

I’ve been spending some time recently trying to read an amazing book called “How to Break Up with Your Phone” by Catherine Price. As the title might imply, this book is NOT about how to completely stop using your phone. Rather, what I take from it, is that it is more directed about giving you the awareness of what the good vs bad aspects of your phones are, and tools needed to avoid the bad (aka mindless scrolling, distractions, and time wasting) and optimize use of the good aspects so that you can have a relationship with your phone that you feel good about. Now I say “trying” to read, because I haven’t picked up a book in longer than I care to put here in words, and as “How to Break Up With Your Phone” teaches you, I’ve gotten so good at being distracted by technology that I’ve almost forgotten how to read a book. Ouch. I highly recommend this book if you are wanting to spend less time on your phone. The first half is aimed at ‘scaring’ you – by informing you about how addicted our society has become to our phones, and teaching you about all the negative impacts phone use has on our ability to communicate and socialize in person, to concentrate, and on our memory, etc. The second half arms you with the tools you need to move forward with a more intentional, positive, and beneficial relationship with our phone. One tool I have implemented that I already feel great about is charging my phone somewhere OTHER than beside my bed – so that it isn’t the last thing I look at at night and first thing in the morning.

As a boutique / small business owner – technology including phones and social media is imperatively important. While we are taught it is crucial not to put all our eggs in one basket (as many learned the hard way with the recent crash of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook), the fact is that these do represent important lines to reach and communicate with our customers. So, for me, while I will never be able to fully avoid use of my phone, I do intend to optimize my use of it and use it as minimally as possible, avoid use of it as a mindless distraction, and thereby make more time for the other important things in my life!

So, this blog post, in a sentence, is simply a way to remind myself and ourselves that I think we could all use a little less technology in our lives and in turn make more time for the other things we all want. And, that there are many effective tools out there to help us develop healthier habits and better relationships with our phones and other technology.

Take a quick poll of your day and fill in the blanks for yourself – what do YOU want to make more time for, and where will this time come from? Then arm yourself with the tools and strategies needed to make more time for what you want and cut out what you don’t – and be sure to implement them! After all, we only have so much time in the day and at the end our day and our lifetime, we want to ensure we truly experienced our experience.

Thanks for reading!


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