Turquoise Bullskull Leather Ring by LovLeathers

USD $24.73


These handcrafted leather rings have such a vibrant, hand painted turquoise colour and unique, handtooled bullskull detail. These rings can double as a super cute scarf / wild rag slide!

Meet the Maker

These rings were designed by Jennifer Anderson, a lady leathersmith and the owner of LovLeathers which is based out of Colorado. While Jennifer has crafted and sewn her entire life, it was in 2011 that she began her career in leatherwork, after having moved to Wyoming where winters were tough. This is where Jennifer grew a great sense of connection to western lifestyle. Jennifer considers her leather design style to be a unique mix of motorcycle, boho, and western leather, all in one. Jennifer has a desire to create unique western pieces that bring together and cross a multitude of styles and fashion, including western and upscale fashion.  Each item is created with a great deal of love, time, and thoughtfulness. LovLeathers thanks you for being part of her journey!



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