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Cowboy 'Chief Joseph' Pendleton Cowl

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This cowboy cowl locally made from genuine Pendleton blanket wool (the iconic teal Chief Joseph print) will add warmth and western flare to your winter wardrobe! Whether you are wearing it under your barn jacket to keep the winds at bay on your neck, or on the outside of a dressier jacket as you head to town for both warmth and to make a statement, you can't go wrong this this functional and fashionable piece!

  • One size fits most (can be worn two ways, to allow the cowl to be bigger / smaller and closer or further from your neck
  • Fleece lined
  • Double Snap closure
  • Approx 36 X 9”
  • 100% genuine Pendleton wool (grey and teal Chief Joseph Print)

**No discount permitted**

*Cowl will be very close in colours to that pictured*