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'I Put a Spell on You' Candy Corn Scented Soy Candle (9 oz)

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Fall scented candles are the BEST candles and We can't get enough of the fall collection of soy candles made by The Farm Wife Collective based in western Canada. This 100% soy wax fall scented candle smells like Candy Corn and is absolutely delicious! We are sorry if it leaves you with a craving! It has a premium wood wick for optimal and clean burning. This 9oz candle will offer dozens of hours of enjoyment as it infuses your home with its lovely scent and relaxing vibe. 

Candle Care: Wick should be trimmed to 1/4" before burning to ensure an optimal burn. Burn only on a stable and heat resistant surface and do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Please practice safe candle burning practices and avoid leaving unattended to avoid injury or fire hazard.