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'Cristo' Men's Wrangler 20X® Competition Ivory & Blue Geometric Pearl Snap Shirt

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$86.95 CAD

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A refreshing and crisp light coloured ivory and blue geometric pearl snap shirt perfect for spring & summer wear, whether in the competition ring or at the office! Comfortable stretch with 3% spandex content, pointed western yokes, and coordinating ivory pearl snap buttons, what's not to love in both the style and construction of this great shirt. Match boys option also available.

  • Ivory / Blue geometric print
  • Pointed western yokes
  • Double chest pockets with snap closure
  • 97% cotton, 3% spandex
  • Pearl snap front snap closure
  • Contrast plaid lining the cuffs with snap closure
  • Wrangler® 20X® Competition Advanced Comfort line

Sizing tips: Sizing runs true. Phil is shown wearing his usual size M.

Garment measurements: Actual flay lay measurements of each size are as follows:

 Size  Chest (armpit to armpit)"  Shoulder "  Arm Length "
S  21  17.5  26
M  22.5  18  26.5
L  24  20  27
XL  26  21  27.5
XXL  28  21  28