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Pendleton Wyeth Trail Wool Blanket (Twin)

Pendleton Wyeth Trail Wool Blanket (Twin)

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A Pendleton blanket is a cherished heriloom addition to your home! Stunning prints, incredibly virgin/wool cotton fabric - this blanket will be enjoyed whether used on your bed or snuggled up in it on your couch. This twin size makes an excellent throw blanket on the end of your bed or couch.
  • Twin size 64"X 80"
  • Felt binding
  • Pure virgin wool/cotton
  • Fabric woven in our American mills
  • Dry clean
  • Made in USA

Wyeth Trail - Backstory

In the Iroquois legend of the Three Sisters, beans, squash and corn grow together, thriving through the Native American practice of companion planting. Today, pure strains of Native crops are hard to come by. Seed Saver banks in Decorah, Iowa, and Tucson, Arizona, store precious seeds from long ago plants. In the harmonious colors of ancient corn varieties, a balanced pattern of rows echoes the ancient gardens, with arrows pointing in two directions, towards the past and the future.

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