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Stiefeld Cowhide Mule Shoe

Huge Kimes Denim Restock!

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I'm always impressed with everything I've ordered from CC, their pieces are unique, beautiful and great quality. I've been following CC since the beginning and so amazed at how they've grown and it just keeps getting better and better. So happy to shop Cold Cactus boutique! Thank you for the fast order processing too!



I said it before but your boutique is just the best! I just love how you take great care in picking all these items and the energy you put into photographing them. Simply great work!



The best boutique EVER! Ordered on a Wednesday night and had a lovely birthday drop off on Thursday! Tara -you are an unbelievably awesome business owner, top notch all the way - I love Wednesday night releases!



So grateful for Cold Cactus because ya'll are my personal stylist for business casual outfits for work! Ya'll keep me looking so fresh, professional, and ready to be hired! My clients love my outfits and so do I!



Chloe Kimes Ranch Performance Bootcut

My FAVOURITE pair of jeans!



Once you start buying from CC Boutique, you won't be able to stop. Her clothes is advertised as perfect as when it arrives! If you have the itch of wanting western clothes, this is your spot! To top the excitement of receiving your package, the packaging creates an even better feeling! If you have a little somethin' in your basket, load'em up and bring it home.



The details you put into every order and aspect of your business is phenomenal! Every time an order arrives to the post office our mail lady comments on the cute packaging! I love the motivational thank you inserts and sticker you include!



Barnyard Critters CC Exclusive Graphic T

I ordered 2 T shirts - they are so soft and good quality, fast delivery. Already looking for my next item! Thanks!



I commend you on your shipping and packaging! I love that my clothes are wrapped in tissue and not just shoved in a bag! I think the sticker is a nice touch. And I LOVE all my items that I've purchased! They are of the quality I expect!



Cutter Hill Cinch Women's Pullover

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the Cinch pullover and sweatshirt I just ordered! They arrived so quickly and the fit is fantastic! Your boutique is definitely one of my favourite places!



Cowgirl Tuff Fleece Lined Winter Pants

The microfibre pants are legit the best winter pants I've ever owned! Hands down! I just got them in the mail yesterday and put them to the test riding in -10 weather today. Not even remotely close to being cold and could fit track pants underneath. LOVE THEM!



Cowgirl Tuff Fleece Lined Jeans

OMG I got the winter fleece lined jeans and to say I am in LOVE is an understatement. My only regret is to have waited 2-3 years to finally order some!


"I need someone who will be true to herself, helpful to others, courteous at all times and tough as nails” So, God made a cowgirl.