About The cold cactus boutique

The Dream

Can't find unique things that allow you to express your western, rural, or farming lifestyle that you can wear daily?

If you value quality and unique western-inspired products that you will love for years and years to come and feel amazing in - you've come to the right place! Cold Cactus has hand-curated a unique collection of quality western-inspired goods which are available in one easily accessible and navigable place.

Hi! I am Tara! I’ve been involved in the western industry in Ontario for years - my husband and I have Quarter Horses we use for team penning / ranch sorting as well as Simmental cattle. One of the things we love about travelling to big western events in the United States is that we can readily find amazingly unique western-inspired products that just cannot be found in Ontario (to the best of my knowledge, anyways!).

I’ve always had a passion for agriculture and the western lifestyle and western fashion. I kept finding myself asking “why is it so hard to find unique, high quality, handmade western-inspired items in Canada, particularly Ontario, and in one place?”

For years, I’ve been sitting on the idea of launching an online western boutique that would source tasteful, distinctive, and high-quality products and make them readily available to Canadians. It wasn’t until recently that I took a leap of faith (scary - let me tell you!) into this new and unknown territory and launched The Cold Cactus Boutique

Cold Cactus is for the cowboy or cowgirl, farmer, rancher, and those consumers who are looking for unique, bold, and high-quality western-inspired items. At Cold Cactus we are passionate about turquoise, leather, hair-on, fringe, serape, and embrace other high quality western, boho, and rustic chic fashion items.

Cold Cactus logo

“You are unique. There has never been another you, and never will be. So, make the best of yourself”

Vision and Value

The Cold Cactus strives to be a noteworthy boutique offering a collection of distinctive, bold, quality western inspired apparel, jewelry, accessories, and house decor with a focus on handmade and small batch produced. The following culture and value points are important to Cold Cactus. Cold Cactus will strive to uphold these points on an ongoing basis:

  • Quality

    Cold Cactus will strive to only curate high-quality products

  • Distinctive

    Cold Cactus will strive to curate unique products that cannot be frequently found elsewhere in Canada, particularly Ontario.

  • Giving back

    Cold Cactus will support the next generation of farmers, cowboys, and cowgirls by donating a portion of profit in the form of sponsorships of related Canadian organizations (e.g. 4H, Canadian High School Rodeo Association, and local youth western organizations, etc).

  • Promoting and Supporting Entrepreneurship

    Cold Cactus focuses on collaborating and sourcing (often handmade) products from other entrepreneurs and makers.

  • Integrity

    Cold Cactus will operate with integrity

  • Balance

    Cold Cactus will strive to achieve a balance that brings happiness and success in both business and family aspects jointly

  • Consistency

    Cold Cactus will strive to maintain consistency with respect to product quality and customer service

  • Customer Centricity

    Cold Cactus will strive to provide the utmost unique and excellent customer service that inspires customers and leaves them feeling uplifted

  • Value Generation

    Cold Cactus will always strive to find opportunities to make this business about more than just the product and look for ways to contribute to its customers lifestyles and fulfillment

  • Fun

    Cold Cactus aims to enjoy life’s journey and operate its business in this manner.

  • Innovation

    Cold Cactus seeks to always find ways to improve further.

Quality matters to us

The face behind Cold Cactus

Hi Ya’ll! I’m Tara - the face behind The Cold Cactus Boutique! Without going on at length - a brief insight into who I am. First and foremost, I’m the mother of two beautiful boys, Weston and Stetson, aged 3 and 5 (how did that happen - where did the time go!?), as well as a wife to an amazing and supportive husband. I am a cowgirl, beef farmer, epidemiological researcher and consultant, and a western enthusiast, amongst other things (I love gardening, anything outdoors-related, adventures, crafting and DIYing, photography, etc!). I’ve always had a passion for the western lifestyle and fashion. I started The Cold Cactus Boutique with the intention to bring incredible unique western and southern styles from south of the border to North of the border (I say ‘western’ as to not be too wordy, but you’ll find Cold Cactus also embraces farming/ranching wear, bohemian, and rustic chic styles). Hence, where the name Cold Cactus came from. I’m a believer in the collaborative/sharing economy (community over competition), quality over quantity, embracing one’s individuality, and the importance of living in the moment and making memories. For these reasons, Cold Cactus focuses on sourcing products from other entrepreneurs and makers who make one-of-a-kind/custom, handmade, and/or small batch goods. Importantly for me, it is beyond just sharing my love of unique western products. I will strive to use Cold Cactus and the social media platforms it utilizes as an opportunity to inspire - to embrace one’s individuality, originality, and lifestyle, whatever that may be, educate (with an education in and love for agriculture – I can’t help but sharing my love for agriculture!), and to share some of my life's learnings in hopes that they will provide some value!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the Cold Cactus. I hope you’ll enjoy the product offering I’ve worked so hard to find and make available. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for frequent product updates and ongoing inspiration. I want to be real with you guys, and so I will also be using these social media platforms as an opportunity to share the realities of my little piece of the world – the beautiful chaos of raising my two boys, the triumphs and joys as well as pitfalls of farming (cows & horses), etc! I look forward to meeting many new faces on this incredible journey which I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue.

Lastly, but very importantly, I’d like to thank each and every individual (you know who you are!) that supported me in pursuing this vision – I am incredibly grateful for your faith in me, guidance, and support.

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