Denim Guide

Finding the best fit for your body

We love our denim, particularly in this industry! A great fitting pair of jeans will have you feeling like you can accomplish anything, but we understand that buying denim, particularly online, can be a challenge! We are here to make picking a new pair of denim both easy and fun. Denim is our JAM. We've sold thousands and thousands of pairs of jeans to thousands of women with a huge variety of body types, many of these pairs in person. Through this person, we've acquired extensive experience in knowing what brands and what styles suit what body types, and have developed the following guide as well as a size conversion chart to help you seamlessly select the perfect pair.

Curvy Body Type

What a beautiful shape! Our extensive experience in selling denim to thousands of ladies over 5+ years has shown that ladies with a curvy body shape generally struggle with having enough room in the thighs while experiencing gapping at the waist.

The styles BEST suited to this body shape include:

Kimes Ranch (Jennifer, Sarah, Olivia, Lola - of all Kimes styles, these offer the most thigh room and are well suited to a curvy body type )

Ariat - any Ariat style! Ariat is particularly suited to this body shape offering more thigh room than other brands.

Wrangler - majority of Wrangler styles will work well! Wrangler's "Ultimate Riding Jean" styles - Willow and Q-Baby - are particularly well suited for preventing waist gapping as they have elastic integrated to the waistband that minimizes gapping.

Styles we DON'T Recommend for this body type:

Kimes Ranch

  • Chloe - we suggest avoiding the Chloe is you struggle with thigh room - this style is particularly narrow through the thighs
  • Roger and Wayne - if you have a curvy body type, we suggest avoiding the men's styles as these are best suited for a straighter body type!

Straight Body Type

Those with what would be considered a straighter body type aren't particularly curvy or narrow at any given point. Those with a straighter body type may experience challenging finding jeans that fit in the bum and thighs, while avoiding digging at the waist.

The styles BEST suited to this body shape include:

Kimes Ranch (Any of the Kimes ranch styles will work well! If you have thin thighs and a straight body type the Chloe, Betty 17, and men's styles (Roger, Wayne) are particularly well suited to you.

Ariat - any Ariat style! Ariat is a brand that is particularly universal

Wrangler - majority of Wrangler styles will work well!

Styles we DON'T Recommend for this body type:


  • Cowboy Cut - for a straight body type we do not recommend the cowboy cut style jeans from Wrangler. These are particularly high rise with a small waist, not suited to this body shape

Determining the Inseam / Length You Need

  1. Shoe Type - first, determine the heel height you will most commonly wear with the jean. 
  2. Cuff or No Cuff - decide if you will be cuffing the denim.
    1. Bootcut jeans; can be cuffed when worn with a casual shoe or cowboy boot but then be let down when worn with a heel. 
    2. Straight Leg Jeans; can be worn with or without a cuff. If you choose to buy a longer length, the cuff can be adjusted when horseback.
    3. Straight crop and skinny jeans can be cuffed or not.
    4. Trouser Jeans do not easily cuff but, if a cuff is needed, it looks best with a flatter sole shoe rather than a heel.
    5. Flares do not cuff easily. Unfinished hems are easy to cut to ideal length if a little too long.
  3. Compare; to a jean length you currently have and like - by measuring a jean you own, you can more easily determine how long you want. Be sure to use a soft measuring tape for best results. See the image below for how to measure.

Determining Your Size

Use the following chart we've developed from years of experience as a general rule of thumb for determining your size across different styles and brands.