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'Nashville' American Bonfire X Brittany Aldean Sunglasses (2 Colours)

'Nashville' American Bonfire X Brittany Aldean Sunglasses (2 Colours)

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Introducing the new 'Nashville' sunglass from American Bonfire Co - a collaboration with Brittany Aldean! The same style as our customer favourite 'Kerosene' sunglasses in stunning new colourways and a metallic accent.  x Britt lens. Inspired by our friend, Brittany Aldean; American Sweetheart & a True Patriot who not only lives & breathes for her family, but her country, too.

American Bonfire Co wanted this lens 'to radiate its own uniqueness & beauty, which are just a few characteristics they love about Brittany.' In addition to the gorgeous colours - this shape has always been a favourite of ours and we love that it has no nose piece - meaning it won't tangle in your hair! 

Sunset: Orange lens

Slate: Silver / Grey lens

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